Data Recording, Itemizing and Sorting Methodology

All the data elaborated and displayed on are fruit of a statistical study originated by the notational analysis of the JudoData research team. This analysis […]

The Performance Ranking List

For several years the International Judo Federation (IJF) has designed and constantly perfected the World Ranking List (WRL), using it as a parameter for the Olympic […]

The Importance of Referees

They are frequently the first people to show on the Tatami and the last ones to get off of it. They are supporting actors, often little […]

The temporal segmentation

How long does a Judo match last? This question, apparently trivial, is the starting point for a detailed analysis of the Temporal Segmentation aspects (Time Motion […]

The technique nomenclature for a detailed attack description

The Tokyo Kodokan (KDK) has already codified the Judo technique nomenclature since almost a hundred years, precisely since 1895, the year of the first Go Kyo […]

Can you score? Yes, I can! But how much?

The latest update for the judo refereeing rules in January 2018, which confirmed the union of the Yuko evaluation to the Waza Hari one and reintroduced […]